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VersionX Vision AI uses live-streaming as well as recorded videos to provide people count, their inflow and outflow, and help control space occupancy. It measures the distance between people and offers crowd density analytics with a high level of accuracy. Other uses include perimeter fence protection, license plate recognition, ID card processing, besides other custom solutions.

Monitor Workplace Social Distancing

Social or physical distancing is critical for a COVID-safe workplace.

While rules are helpful, manual tracking and monitoring of compliance is nearly impossible.

Vision technology ensures automatic compliance and helps build safe and inclusive facilities.

Using vision computing, camera, and facial recognition technology, we help businesses enforce social distancing at the workplace.

Read on to know more.

Social distancing
People counting and flow

Count People & Control Crowd

A people counting solution with high accuracy can solve several workplace safety problems.

Our people counting solution based on video analytics is built for all types and sizes of organizations. It works on your existing (already installed) IP surveillance cameras - be it real-time or recorded video streams.

The system records and monitors the inflow and outflow of people in any specified area like cafeteria, conference and meeting rooms, parking, library, etc. A LED screen shows the status in real-time.

The system can be easily integrated with access control. It auto-restricts entry beyond a threshold. Whenever there is a violation, the command center receives instant notifications - sound & light alerts, emails, & smss.

Face Recognition & Mask Detection

Contactless Entry

VersionX Vision AI is a contactless access, attendance, and visitor management system - all rolled in one!

It uses facial recognition technology to record staff attendance and capture visitor details.

Mask Detection

The system automatically identifies if a person is wearing a mask. This data is used to take further action. For example, the system is integrated with access control such as doors, elevators, turnstiles, etc. If a mask is not detected on a person, access is automatically denied.

Mask detection automatically ensures compliance with basic safety and hygiene rules.

Face Recognition
Social distancing

Measure & Analyse Physical Distancing

Using vision computing technology, our system measures and analyses the distance between two or more people in any given space at the workplace.

It captures pictures, measures distance between people, and provides reports and analytics on crowd density.

We can customize the system for your unique needs for any scenario.

The system tracks violation and alerts the command center or the nearest security team.

It all depends on how you want to use the system.

Perimeter Fence Protection

Perimeter fence protection system is a part of perimeter security.

Our system detects unusual perimeter breaches and sends instant alerts and notifications to the authorities.

It is used for the protection of industrial facility, office premises, warehouses and factories, or a privately owned plot of land.

The solution can capture pictures, record movements, and provide reports and analytics with unmatched accuracy.

We can customize the system for any scenario.

Perimeter Fence Protection through vision computing technology
License Plate Recognition through vision computing technology

License Plate Recognition

Vehicle identity recognition and data is highly useful in resolving a wide range of business problems.

Our License Plate Detection system, also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), is based on vision technology.

Our system detects license plates and captures vehicle data with unmatched accuracy. This information is used to resolve a wide range of day-to-day challenges such as vehicle monitoring, smart car parking systems, parking management system, access control, toll ticket management, traffic management, and many more.

For example, our customers who use our smart parking management system use a single camera instead of multiple sensors to monitor vehicles and identify parking slots.

ID Card Processing & Verification

ID card processing and verification are critical processes in many organizations. But they are time-consuming and error-prone.

Vision computing makes ID card processing and verification quick and error free.

VersionX Vision AI helps verify, capture, and store information from ID cards in seconds.

A camera scans the card, and you're good to go.

ID Card Processing through vision computing technology
Control room

Smart Control Room

Control room operations need not involve manual video monitoring. It is not only time-consuming but also risk and error prone.

Also known as command centers, control rooms are a high-pressure environment where operators have to be on their toes 24x7.

Using vision computing technology, we automate monitoring and control work in a command center. It makes operators' work highly effective and timely.

Intelligent and high-accuracy video analytics combined with alert systems lead to instant visibility of violations or unusual behavior - making control rooms smart.

Key Advantages

Use Existing IP Cameras/CCTVs

No new hardware installations are required. The system works on existing surveillance cameras.

COVID Compliant Workplace

Ensures strict workplace social distancing with timely alerts and notifications.

Instant Visibility of Violations

The system sends real-time alerts and notifications to the authorities or the nearest control room.


What is Versionx Vision AI?

VersionX Vision AI is a business concept based on vision computing technology, which solves a wide range of day-to-day business problems and challenges. Examples include - social distancing issues, people counting requirements, perimeter fence protection, license plate recognition, and many more.

It can be customized to meet unique workplace requirements.  

How can technology help social distancing at workplace?

"Manual" enforcing of social distancing at workplace is not going to be very effective. The main reason being - manual monitoring and tracking is not a practical nor sustainable option. At best, organizations can establish social distancing techniques and norms and expect people to follow them. 

Technology is the only way that organizations can enforce social or physical distancing through automated tracking and monitoring of people involving headcount and space occupancy, measuring distance between people, analysis and reports, alerts and notifications, access control integration, and so on.  

How does VersionX Vision AI help organizations fight the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • VersionX Vision AI helps organizations track and monitor the count of inflow and outflow of people into a specific area.
  • It measures distances between people, captures data including pictures, and provides reports and analytics. These data can be further used for various workplace-related purposes and enforce social distancing via alerts, notifications, etc. 
  • The solution can be easily integrated to access control such as doors, elevators, and turnstiles.
  • Facial recognition and mask detection helps capture attendance and enforce basic hygiene practices such as wearing masks.

These capabilities can be utilized in a multitude of workplace scenarios and solve numerous challenges in the current COVID-19 pandemic scenario. 

Which organizations can benefit from VersionX Vision AI?

Businesses & organizations of all types benefit from VersionX Vision AI solutions.

We make innovative technologies accessible to all. 

Does VersionX Vision AI provide accurate results?

It has a high level of accuracy. 

Is VersionX Vision AI feasible for a small company?

The solution is customizable and competitively priced. We help businesses with their unique needs and they can choose from a range of options.

Is VersionX Vision AI customizable?


Do I need to invest in hardware to use VersionX Vision AI?


VersionX Vision AI works through CCTV cameras - even with the ones already in use.

Is VersionX Vision AI a costly investment?

We use existing hardware and infrastructure. There is no need for additional hardware or cost overheads.

Is VersionX Vision AI useful for tracking visitors?

Yes. We have additional products - like visitor management system and access control - that can be integrated with VersionX Vision AI.  

How can the system protect perimeter fences?

VersionX Vision AI can detect human figures on perimeters through cameras and alert the authorities. 

In which locations do you have presence?

We operate pan India and have clients in major states and cities like Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, etc.

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VersionX Products

Vision-based technology with CCTV camera - monitors & counts people inflow outflow.

An attendance system using face ID with mask & temperature detection.

A touchless visitor management software to manage visitors across locations.

A smart parking system that manages multi-tenant, multi-level parking.

A security guard tracking system that assigns & monitors duties, with real-time updates

An employee location tracker to monitor the live movements of your salesforce, with updates

Track your child's school bus in real-time with actionable alerts.

A seamless token management system with integrated token display.

A digital material gate pass management system with automated RGP & NRGP.

A GPS-based vehicle tracker to monitor vehicles & drivers with alerts & updates.

A stock or inventory management system to track & monitor stocks.

Helps manage thousands of mail items on a daily basis through alerts.

Helps teams book meeting rooms on the go with instant access to room status.

Manage, access, track, analyze - all asset details in one place.

Preventive Maintenance System

Ensure timely maintenance & servicing of equipment of all types.

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Visitor management systems are software used by organizations to efficiently manage the entry and exit...
A reliable and efficient visitor management system is important in achieving efficiency and security goals...
A reliable and efficient visitor management system is important in achieving efficiency and security goals...