Safety and security are of prime concern in all educational institutions. Schools ought to be safe places and ensure that each and every student is secure. With VersionX's innovative & foolproof solutions, schools and large educational campuses are able to digitize their operations & security. VersionX's visitor management system helps schools efficiently manage visitors, students, parents, & staff. They can track school buses, monitor speed limit, non-parent child pick up, & many more.

VersionX products not only save time & cost of organisations but also offer superlative experience to their stakeholders. We help companies of all sizes digitize their processes, eliminate their error-prone manual & semi-automated processes, & achieve operational efficiency. We help companies manage visitors, staff, laborers, materials, & vehicles effortlessly. Our digital visitor management system instantly authenticates guests, creates appointments, and allows express check-in. We also help monitor staff & laborer attendance, material transfers, vehicle uses, & many more.

Manufacturing plants or factories face some common as well as unique security & operational challenges. VersionX products take care of the diverse needs of factory settings & helps the administration digitize their units' operations & security including the management of visitors, laborers, facilities, & operations. We also digitize laborer management issues such as authentication, payments, inter- and intra-branch material transfers and thereby prevent pilferage & malpractices.

Hospitals log in the entry & exit of thousands of visitors, staff, laborers, materials, & vehicles everyday. VersionX digitizes the management of  hospital premises. E.g., its visitor management system recognizes & manages all types of people - new visitors, patient attendees, staff, contractors, medical representatives, helpers, & so on. VersionX products also record & track the details of a wide range of materials, vehicles, & assets & helps achieve operational efficiency.

The hospitality industry is heavily dependent on labour. VersionX digitizes the management of staff and laborers at all levels. For example, their log in and attendance is automatically recorded. We also help large hotels achieve day-to-day operational efficiency by digitizing the management of their materials & vehicles - be it in-house or vendors. Our smart parking system is one such product.

Large residential apartments & gated communities need to ensure seamless entry & exits of guests along with foolproof security. VersionX helps its residential clients accomplish much more than what a simple visitor management system does. For example, we help control unwanted visitors, monitor entry & exit of cabs, delivery boys, & track the use or misuse of facilities & clubhouses.

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