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Vision-computing-based solutions that solve business problems. Includes people counting, crowd analytics, perimeter fence protection, license plate recognition, and many more.

A smart facial recognition system for COVID-safe touchless attendance. Built in-house, the system can detect body temperature and face mask. It can be easily integrated too.

A COVID safe, QR code based cloud & mobile visitor management system that helps monitor & track people across multiple entry points, premises, & locations. Integrates with access control.

An integrated parking management system that manages multi-level, multi-tenant parking lots with ease and swiftness.

A feature-rich guard tour system that helps track guards' duties, keeps you updated on the status of guards' activities in real-time.

Track the live movements of your salesforce, employee, or an individual on a trip, with our GPS people tracking system.

Track & monitor live school bus movements, speed, & driver details, with actionable buttons using our school bus tracking system.

A smart, lightweight token management system helping you manage multi-department queues quickly and efficiently.

An intelligent Material Gate Pass System that tracks RGP and NRGP material movements for  organizations, factory, and manufacturing units.

A GPS vehicle tracking system to track & monitor vehicle location & route, fuel consumption, driver behavior, & more with alerts, reminders, & analytics.

A smart inventory management system to track and monitor stock levels, location, consumption, re-order, transfer, with alerts and analytics.

A user-friendly mailroom management system that takes care of all mailroom related activities. Helps you track consignments and notify stakeholders.

Book meeting and conference rooms on the go. Our meeting room management system is a quick and simple way to manage working spaces.

VersionX asset management and audit system automates the processes in the management of assets. It can be easily integrated with other related-systems for efficient asset management.

VersionX preventive maintenance system automates the entire equipment maintenance process saving you time, effort, and avoidable and sudden costs.

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