We solve business problems - through innovative software and hardware technologies.


We see problems & we think innovation. Result: products that solve real issues.


Performance is serious business. If it's not fast & scalable, we don't build it.


Hassled by day-to-day security & operational issues? We'll digitize it.

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“VersionX cloud solutions helped us manage our schools pan India.”

Vibgyor High

“Innovative and forward thinking products.”

Trio World School

“Our entire factory processes digitised. And how!”

Synthesis Textiles

“The team was able to define and deliver exactly what we wanted.”

Risara Properties

A bug free gate management solution that is economical compared to other market players. Never let us down.

Mahindra Lifespaces

“Added a lot of features in a month's time!”

Bhoomi Harmony



VersionX Innovations solves business problems using fully integrated innovative software and hardware technologies.

We develop products that run at planet scale.

With technology surging ahead, shifting gear every moment, we help businesses leap forward.

Let us know if old ways of doing things bother you. If they don't, we can still talk.

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