VersionX Face Recognition Attendance System

A Face Recognition attendance system with customization & integration capabilities. Easily integrates with access control. A contactless system - COVID-safe - that takes <5 minutes to install.

A Made in India Face Recognition System

Body Temperature & Mask Detection

Touchless, Access Control Integrated

Made in India, With 2-Year Warranty

Smart Parking Management System


What's Unique About Our Facial Recognition System?

  • Temperature scan: VersionX facial recognition software comes with body temperature sensors. It can detect the temperature of a person standing in front of the kiosk in less than a second.
  • Mask scan: The system can scan and identify if the person is wearing a mask. Ensure hygiene practices are followed without manual tracking.
  • Access control: The facial recognition system fully integrates with access control hardware like doors, gates, and turnstiles. Therefore, if someone is found to be violating any rule, the system automatically won't allow access. No manual tracking is needed.
  • Automatic hand sanitizer: The system is also connected to an automatic, touchless hand sanitizer that drops the liquid whenever a hand is placed under it. This can be integrated with access control. Limit the coronavirus spread.
facial recognition system

Face Recognition Attendance System - Features

A made in India product for a COVID-safe business & work environment

Touchless Attendance System

VersionX face recognition device automatically records attendance. Makes organizations COVID safe.

Temperature & Mask Scan

Our face recognition software detects temperature and mask. Ensure COVID-safe rules are followed by your employees.

Integration Capabilities

Deep LearningAPI connect or a JSON with an HTTPS Endpoint - our system integrates well with other internal systems, including access control.

Choose Your Device

Our system has wide options under one product range. You can choose the features you want - only face, themal, mask scan, etc.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer

A contactless hand sanitizer is connected with the system and access control. Ensure COVID-safe rules are followed with no manual tracking.

Easily Scalable

Our system can scan 5000 unique faces on the edge device. Can provide options for capacity and performance up to 50000+ based on hardware.

Choose Your Solution

We provide solutions that work on Cloud, Local, Edge through PC, Hybrid, Complete Edge on Device. Choose what suits your needs.

Configurable Scaning Distance

Our facial recognition software provides short and long distance (2-6 ft) readings. Distance is configurable as per your needs.


Multiple Face Detection

We have built the system with a focus on multiple face detection. This prevents chaos in front of the kiosk at the entry points.

Multi-Language Capability

Our system is apt for the Indian context. Currently, it has English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Oriya, & Assamese language capabilities. Custom solutions available.


Flexible Screen Sizes

We provide flexible display sizes as per requirements. Normally, we offer a 7 inch touchscreen tablet for our facial recognition system.

Deep Learning

We use state of the art Deep Learning algorithm for our facial recognition system. Constant improvement is what we're after.

Benefits For Your Business

Built In-House

We are an OEM, and we guarantee product continuity and constant improvement of our software and hardware.


We provide a 2-year warranty upfront with the product. We also have options of 3/4/5 years AMC contracts for govt/RFP/project work.

Our Commitment

We provide 100% replacement & money back guarantee clauses on the quality and specifications of our products.

FAQs - Face Recognition Solution

What is a face recognition system?

A facial recognition system is a software that identifies and verifies a person by mapping his or her facial features.

How can face recognition technology help organizations fight COVID-19?

With a face recognition system, organizations can manage the entry/exit and attendance of employees, visitors, etc. in their premises in a touchless manner. This helps in preventing the corona virus from spreading.

The system developed by VersionX can also detect the temperature of a person and whether he or she is wearing a mask. This ensures that COVID-safe practices are followed by employees and visitors without having to track them manually.  

Which organizations can benefit from a facial recognition attendance system?

All types of businesses & organizations can benefit from a facial recognition attendance system.

A face recognition software helps track employee attendance, control visitors' access to office premises, enhance security and efficiency, and take COVID-safe measures. 

Does face recognition system provide accurate results?

It has high accuracy, and the technology is getting better everyday.

Is your face recognition software feasible for a small company?

Our facial recognition software is customizable and competitively priced. You can choose and pay for what you need.

Is face recognition customizable?


You can choose from a wide range of options:

  1. Choose the features you want - We can give only Facial Recognition, Facial Recognition + Thermal + Mask, only Thermal + Mask. We can also vary our sensors depending on the need.
  2. We also provide short and long distance readings - it is configurable.
  3. We provide solutions that work on Cloud, Local, Edge through PC, Hybrid, Complete Edge on Device.

Basically, it’s all up to you.

Do I need to invest in hardware to use a facial recognition in my company?

All you need is device with a 7 in screen.

Unless you want access control hardware integration - also done by us.


Is a facial recognition system a costly investment?

VersionX facial recognition system offers competitive pricing. You can choose the features you want.

Is a face recognition useful to track visitors?

Yes, Tracking and monitoring visitors is one of the benefits of facial recognition technology and can enhance security. 

In which locations do you have presence?

We operate pan India and have clients in major states and cities like Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, etc.

Have more questions?

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Preventive Maintenance System

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