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Digital Marketing


Does SEO fascinate you? Have you spent hours trying to understand how it drives businesses?

Does formulating new and creative social or digital marketing strategies excite you? 

Yes? Come off for a cup of coffee.

If your answer is no, we could still talk.


Do you thrive on challenges? Are you a self-driven individual who takes pride in hitting targets or exceeding goals?

Not sure if you're a "natural salesperson?" That's alright as long as you have the thirst to excel and achieve.

We’re always open to meeting capable people looking for exposure and opportunities to prove themselves at the same time.

Like us? Let us know. We'll take it forward.

Tech & Others


No rules apply for passionate and capable people in VersionX. We're a fast growing startup with a liberal work culture. 

If you like us and believe that you can be of value to the team, please feel free to write to us.

We will read your message carefully. And inform you whenever there are any opportunities in VersionX that you could consider.  

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