Is your workplace Covid-19 ready

Covid-19 is not going away too soon. Nor are the effects it has had on our daily lives.

As curbs on movement are gradually lifted, much will depend on how responsibly individuals and organizations continue to behave.

In this blog, we discuss the steps that organizations and businesses can take - mainly digitizing their processes - in fighting COVID-19. It is their responsibility to ensure that hygiene practices and "physical" distancing continues at their premises after work life resumes.

VersionX helps organizations streamline and digitize their day-to-day operations and implement a contactless approach to most scenarios. Our suggestions are primarily based on World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) recommendations for workplaces. Here is the link to the general guidelines by WHO on: getting your workplace ready for COVID-19

Without repeating the points, we focus on how our unique solutions can help you plan for and implement some of the guidelines.

Our goal is to assist you and your organization undertake these practices in the most responsible and efficient manner and better prepare for a regular work life amidst the ongoing crisis.

1) Hygiene - Keep It Touchless

COVID-19 spreads by the touching of surfaces or objects contaminated by infected fluids. 

Ensure that visitor entries take place with the least amount of touch as possible.

  • Provide your guests and visitors with phone based visitor passes.
  • Fix visitor appointments prior to the meeting. Allow visitors a seamless, hassle-free entry without them having to undergo security formalities. Our visitor management system helps you and your staff create pre-appointments in a secure manner.
  • Create an hourly and daily visitor batch with a minimum limit. For example if 20 visitors are expected during the day, spread them over 7 hours with 3 visitors each in one hour's slot. Our visitor management system
    has features that automatically create such batches. The batch number and other details are configurable as per your organization's needs.
  • Eliminate the use of outdated semi-automated systems or on-premise infrastructure. We offer cloud and mobile-based solutions that help fully automate processes. The reception staff and visitors need not deal with any common object for completing visitor and security formalities.

VersionX offers a solution that monitors, detects, and alerts the inflow and outflow of people in a specified area. You can auto-restrict the entry of people in that area by pre-fixing a limit. We also offer a solution that measures workplace social distancing. You can monitor the actual distances between people and view reports and analytics on the same.

Are You Prepared for a COVID-safe Workplace? 

  • Make sure you can record and trace the contact details of visitors.
  • Actively monitor the containment and red zones - areas where COVID-19 is spreading.
  • Develop plans and partner with your local health providers to prepare for any emergency.
  • Keep essential supplies and materials such as hand sanitizer and tissues ready for visitors and staff.
  • Have surgical masks available to offer anyone who develops respiratory symptoms.

2) Visitor Information - Record And Retain Necessary And Authentic Details

Retain visitor information; cooperate with health authorities.   

  • Our visitor management system helps record, and retain, the authentic details of any person in seconds. Yes, it's a contactless process, be it capturing photo, mobile number, email, or address. You can collect as much information as required, including their recent travel details if needed.
  • Our visitor management system automatically provides you with the necessary visitor statistics - personal details and visit info - whenever you want to pull them up. This will help you trace anyone you need to - in the case of anyone’s likely exposure to COVID-19.

3) Access - Restrict Visitor Access to Key Areas

Being well prepared is the key.

  • Provide selective access to visitors. Visitors should be allowed entry to specific areas only. Our visitor management system enables you to restrict visitor access to pre-identified areas or floors.
  • Allocate a fixed set of meeting rooms for visitors. Arrange to thoroughly and regularly clean these meeting rooms and spaces before and after meetings.
  • Pre-identify an isolated room or area where anyone who is not feeling well or someone with minor symptoms can temporarily be quarantined until further arrangements are made. Auto-restrict all staff and visitor access to this room or area using our visitor software. Only authorized persons - such as medical staff - will be automatically allowed to enter.

4) It’s Time to Make Major Process Shifts

Be open to adopting innovative solutions that solve problems. 

  • Contactless biometric systems such as facial recognition will become the norm. Shift to process and technology changes that are practical, less risky, and make more ROI sense.
  • facial recognition system with mask detection features will help enforce the use of masks among visitors and staff. VersionX offers a facial recognition system that can also detect if a person is wearing a mask. It can be integrated to access control systems as well.
  • Temperature scanning systems such as thermal cameras will become common not just in airports and high security areas. These will soon be installed at workplaces, schools, and residences.
  • VersionX offers a solution that monitors, detects, and alerts the inflow and outflow of people in a specified area. You can auto-restrict the entry of people.
  • We also offer a solution that measures workplace social distancing. You can monitor the actual distances between people. The system also provides reports and analytics on the same.

Organizations Must Act Responsibly

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought, and will bring, about many changes - small and big - in our work environment and premises.

VersionX helps organizations handle operational challenges - this is our strength. Therefore, we are well positioned to guide you in preparation for new ways of running your day-to-day business.

We believe that it is our collective responsibility to protect our work communities - our staff, visitors, vendors, and everyone else present in our premises.