No one talks about the issues faced by c-level execs, especially, process-related problems. Even the execs themselves don't discuss these challenges - even though they're aware of it. They're too busy running day-to-day businesses, or, running behind teams to run the businesses.

Therefore, we couldn't help share in this blog the importance of process automation - as comic strip illustrations.

Process automation involves using software and hardware systems to automate a businesses' day-to-day processes. Such systems reduce errors and dependency, provides analytics and alerts to stakeholders, and increases team accountability.  


Everyone wants to digitize their operations. But most of them are clueless as to  how to go about it.


Sustainability, ESG, good business karma. Sigh!

Don't get me wrong - c the execs are all on board. In fact, reducing the ever increasing energy bills aka increasing energy efficiency have always been part of the larger plan.

But they can't do much about energy wastage in their buildings due to people-dependency.

Only IoT-enabled systems would help. How?

Simple - they auto-switch off power when not in use.


Workplace safety and security are paramount.

And yet, the exec has to depend on the security guards to check if the safety equipment are functioning or have been serviced on time.

Sure there's a better way to do things! Think process automation using IoT building management systems.



Everyone wants team accountability.

No one has it. Because of, well, manual processes.

Only process automation solutions can solve this issue.


Here's the last one.

Everyone wants to innovate. And yet most people hold on to old ways of doing things.

But we've seen enough to know that: no change in mindset = no innovation.

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