visitor management system for schools

One of our clients - a higher education institution - is looking for a a unified college campus security system and administrative system. We met the security and admin team of the institution this month and learnt about the on-ground problems they face on a daily basis.   

Their challenges, in general, are multifaceted and at the same time they need a holistic system to solve them. The system must be responsive and seamlessly adjust to the campus’s dynamic user requirements and shifts. It must maximize efficiency and productivity while minimizing resource drain. 

Versatility is key, as the systems must pivot between diverse tasks and functions. But perhaps most compellingly, automation of streamlined operations is the heart of their requirement - where decisions are made and equipment is controlled autonomously.

With a keen emphasis on security, safety, and energy management, their objective is ambitious yet pivotal. Amidst their practical needs, our client's vision stands out – that of orchestrating, overseeing, and directing every facet of their educational campus through a singular, centralized platform. 

In this blog, we dive deep into the heart of our client's requirements. We explore the integration of innovation, safety, and efficiency in a security and administrative system tailored to meet their distinctive long-term goals.

Prerequisites for Success

Navigating through such undertakings may seem daunting. But with VersionX’s expertise and experience spanning 7+ years positions us perfectly to transform this ambitious vision into a reality. 

However, it necessitates more than just technical prowess; it calls for a shift in the collective mindset of the client's team and each stakeholder.

The endeavor requires unwavering leadership, consistent enforcement, active participation, and cooperation from stakeholders across every department, all unified by a shared understanding of the end goal. 

Such transformative initiatives thrive on spirited debates, respectful disagreements, and constructive arguments – attributes that underscore organizational maturity and an ability to challenge comfort zones. Working together as a single team rather than the conventional vendor-client dynamic is vital for the success of any such long-term undertaking.

Central to the undertaking is a resolute focus on digitization and automation, demanding a departure from the 'why should we' mentality to the more proactive 'why not' approach. For example, in a landscape where data reigns supreme, capturing and integrating information from every process is paramount. The sight of traditional paper registers should be looked upon as regressive if we are to digitize and propel progress. 

With the right mindset, a clear vision, expert partners, and visionary leadership, this automation journey will undoubtedly evolve into a remarkable achievement - one that can elevate our client’s educational institution to a seat of technology and automation, not just in India, but potentially on a global scale. 

In the next sections, we delve deeper into the intricacies of how this transformational security and administrative system can be executed.

Our Solutions


Student And Visitor Entry

The issue of student entry and potential impersonation is crucial. To counter this challenge, a strategic solution will be employed – equipping students with QR code based ID cards This simple yet effective measure will be reinforced by periodic random physical checks by guards. 

Furthermore, a new approach would be the creation of six walking lanes at the entry gate with face scans, meticulously segregating the movement of students from that of visitors. This separation not only circumvents the problems posed by a single entry point but also provides the framework to efficiently manage a myriad of use cases with precision and effectiveness.


Visitor Management

For visitor management, a digitized system must replace traditional processes. The implementation of an ePass system will be the norm, facilitating seamless access for most visitors. The ePass will be transmitted via both WhatsApp and SMS platforms, ensuring maximum convenience for visitors. In cases where mobile or data constraints arise, a convenient paper pass alternative will ensure accessibility. 

To elevate security measures, a visitor’s facial data will undergo scrutiny against a designated block list. Should a match arise, the visitor will be subjected to a thorough manual check, enhancing the integrity of the process.


Admission Seekers or Bad Actors?

Next, we focus on admission-seeking visitors, a critical aspect of education  business as well as campus security. To streamline this process, visitors arriving for admission purposes will be directed to complete a swift eform accessible on their mobile devices. This form will capture essential details, enabling the system to identify whether the visitor is a recurring guest or not. Notably, authentic admission seekers typically do not revisit for the same purpose, allowing for an effective flagging mechanism to identify suspicious visitors.

However, to safeguard against malicious intent from individuals posing as admission seekers, a vigilant approach is crucial. To closely monitor the activities of visitors within the campus premises, the system will track all new visitors’ movements. This heightened scrutiny stands as a bulwark against any potential threat and underscores the commitment to maintaining a secure and controlled environment.


Hostel Entry, Timing, And Resource Use

Ensuring the safety and well-being of students residing within the campus, a comprehensive approach to hostel entry and management is needed. Equipping the main entry gates of the hostels with facial recognition technology stands as a safe measure, granting access exclusively to authorized individuals. 

The same access control concept extends to hostel room doors, enabling real-time occupancy status monitoring. Beyond mere security, this advancement facilitates efficient resource management, optimizing electricity and water consumption as well as addressing issues of late reporting.

To foster punctuality and accountability, a strict timeline for student hostel reporting will be enforced. Should a student fail to adhere to the stipulated timeline, an automated notification system will alert the warden, student, and their parent or guardian.


Access Restriction to Labs And Special Classes Using Facial Recognition

Streamlined access control across the campus will be extended to labs and specialized classes. FR will be used to capture students’ attendance. An FR attendance system will make teachers free from manual attendance duties and save time. 

Complementing FR, will be CCTV cameras strategically positioned. These will serve as a preventive measure against any attempts to tamper with or damage the FR devices, thereby mitigating potential concerns.

With FR as the universal mode of authentication and authorization, we can eliminate the need for traditional identification cards and consolidate the campus under a singular, foolproof authentication mechanism. 


Vehicle Entry & Exit

Efficient management of vehicle entry and exit is pivotal to maintaining a secure and organized campus environment. To streamline the flow of incoming water tankers, a boom barrier will be introduced at the gate reserved for vehicles. 

Implementing RFID stickers and readers to capture vehicle data, even if not directly linked to the boom barriers, will enable an insightful analysis of vehicle movement patterns. We have the capability to integrate these two as well.

At both the primary and secondary entrances, a License Plate Recognition (LPR) system will capture vehicle number plates and cross-reference them against a designated Block List. In the event of a flagged vehicle, relevant stakeholders will be notified in real-time, affording swift action and heightening security protocols.


Water Tanker logistics, Guard Patrolling, And Checklist Enforcement

In our pursuit of comprehensive campus management, these are three vital aspects: water tanker logistics, guard patrolling, and checklist enforcement.

A sophisticated system integration allows for seamless cost calculations for water tanker services, taking into account the applicable rate card. The adoption of flow meters for water dispensing is set to optimize efficiency; should the time required for water distribution remain within 10% of the current timeframe, this approach will be embraced. For trucks with dual pipes, two flow meters will be installed, further enhancing accuracy in tracking and managing water usage.

Turning to security, the VersionX Guard tour system emerges as a dependable solution. Its implementation ensures the meticulous execution of guard duties, validating their presence at designated points, ensuring accountability. This real-time oversight adds an extra layer of confidence in the campus security framework.

Essential in maintaining hygiene standards, housekeeping checklists will be integrated into bathrooms and other crucial areas. This measure guarantees that tasks are completed as intended, upholding the campus's aesthetic and functional standards.


Building Management System

Underpinning a comprehensive approach, VersionX IoT building management system (BMS) assumes a pivotal role in optimizing resource utilization across the campus. The initial step entails a holistic monitoring endeavor, spanning every facet of the campus. High-usage scenarios will be identified through a meticulous analysis, facilitating strategic intervention.

The BMS extends its influence to electricity management, combating wastage through automation and proper scheduling. Equally vital, the monitoring of water usage lays the foundation for prudent resource allocation. Innovative water flow controllers emerge as instrumental tools, offering precise control for water flow management.

Automated water control integrated within hostel rooms will ensure judicious consumption, thereby, leading to water conservation. This proactive approach extends further to encompass critical infrastructure, including generators and pressure pumps. Their existing boiler infrastructure can be harnessed for automatic operation without the need for extensive infrastructural alterations. This retrofitting approach underscores our dedication to seamless integration while driving energy efficiency and sustainability across the campus.


CCTV And Public Announcement

In the realm of surveillance and communication, our focus broadens to encompass CCTV management, an intelligent Public Announcement (PA) system, and the establishment of a centralized Command Control Center (CCC).

The institute’s current PA system lacks zoning capability, necessitating a comprehensive replacement. 

The campus's security infrastructure is set to expand, with plans underway to augment its CCTVs  from 450 by an additional 500, culminating in an impressive total of approximately 1000 cameras. Crucially, the retention period for CCTV footage will be extended to a robust 90 days.

A unified CCTV system will replace the heterogeneous landscape of existing models. This transition to a centralized management solution will culminate in the VX CCTV system. While the AI potential inherent in CCTV feeds will be harnessed in the future, our initial steps are grounded in holistic infrastructure enhancement.


A Command Control Center

Central to this strategy, the Command Control Center emerges as the nucleus of campus monitoring. With 24x7 monitoring, a dedicated room will serve as the heartbeat of vigilance and management.

Designed with unwavering reliability, the CCC will house servers, the CCTV camera wall, PA console, VX dashboard and controls, and requisite equipment for seamless campus administration. Enabling comprehensive operational oversight, the CCC empowers the team to navigate and manage campus-wide activities with precision, cementing our commitment to an advanced, secure, and responsive environment.


In our discussion with our client - the blueprint for a transformative campus ecosystem has emerged. 

As the institution strides toward a future fortified by innovation, VersionX stands as a guiding force, dedicated to shaping a campus environment that epitomizes safety, functionality, and the seamless fusion of technology and human endeavor.