Visitor Management System for Manufacturing Plants

Factories deal with large scale entries and exits - of people and things - and yet most of them go unrecorded or, at best, are manually registered. And we all know, manual is always prone to errors, or worse, misuse.

When most of what goes in and out of factories are largely unmonitored, it leads to further inefficiencies in premises management, malpractices such as pilfering, errors in billing or bill recording, all piling up over time to significant losses due to unaccountability at all levels.

But all mismanagement and misuse at the premises can be eliminated just by using a robust premises management system that authenticates, monitors, and tracks each entry and exit. Not only this - they can also present all information in a usable format for further decision making.


In most organisations, visitors are normally managed by a visitor management system (VMS). However, a simple VMS is not going to be of much use in a factory as visitors form a smaller part of the total entry / exit records in a day as compared to say, labour, or materials. Factories need a more comprehensive and sophisticated solution that can capture the details of each entry and exit, say, even the smallest of bills.

Staff and Labour

Any sophisticated VMS must have access management capabilities. It takes care of not only staff access but also labour and contract labour issues. When labour is outsourced, managing them on an hourly basis efficiently is near impossible, especially, in large factories. Staff and labour information recorded on registers create time management, proxy, and productivity issues.

Access management involves various authenticating and tracking means such as NFC cards, biometrics, self-entry, etc. Relevant authorities receive intimation when staff and labour enter the premises - their presence / absence / late entry can be easily monitored.

All these methods further help in monitoring and accessing entry exit details, which assist operational activities such as payments, etc., eliminating errors related to manual activities.      


Materials form a significant part of factory entries and exits, from the smallest tool or an asset to the largest consignments. The important question is - are the details correctly recorded and monitored. These are critical operational and safety and security issues and yet, most factories still use paper registers for recording the in and out of materials. What stops them from using a premises management solution that ensures:

A) the guards on ground can do their duties in a foolproof manner, without the scope for errors and misuses

B) top management can access all entries and exits whenever they want to

The reasons why factories, both small and large, are still operating on paper registers is because sophisticated, user friendly premises management solutions are still largely not available in the market.

Very few solutions - light-weight, cloud-based - can record and monitor material movements - in, out, transfer, or returnable - in a way that it actually impacts businesses positively.



Mismanagement and misuse is quite common in company vehicle uses. Again, this is because of lack of any means of accurate monitoring methods apart from manual records and checks - which is without doubt prone to errors, with low accountability at all levels.  

However, a robust premises management solution can take care of the minutest of details on vehicle use. No matter how large your fleet of vehicles is, their entry and exit through the factory premises can be recorded along with a vast array of details - authorities can track and monitor their vehicles’ fuel usage, kilometer covered, purpose, services completed, receive alerts for speeding, expiration/renewal, dates, etc. - all of these and more through a tamper-proof premises management solution.  

Water Supply Vendors

How do factories effectively monitor and track commercial water supply vendors? Details like amount supplied, bills recorded, payments made, are time consuming and error prone if done manually. On a day-to-day basis, it is only possible through a technologically advanced premises management system that is also easy to use. An advanced premises management solution prevents all types of manipulation or misuse of information about records of liters / gallons of water supplied and bills. Authorities can even access trends and reports on vendors and water usage for making informed decisions.

Benefits of Intelligent Premises Management at Factories

  • Record the minutest of details in seconds

  • No more material pilferage, misuse

  • Save money from losses incurred due to malpractices

  • Manage vendors effortlessly