About Premises Management System

The software and hardware market, as we hit publish, offers a wide range of security and visitor management systems but NO premises management system.

Well, we certainly haven’t come across an integrated system with premises management software and, especially, security hardware, working in tandem. (Which is why, of course, we developed EntryPoint.)  

VMS is a
part of PMS

And here we are - all worked up - not only talking about it, but also going about telling everyone, “Your premises are important. If you ain’t managing em well, they gonna pose security issues. We help you manage them smooth. Track and monitor them. We turn your premises intelligent.”    

But what are premises management systems?

How are they different from the usual visitor management systems on offer in the market today?

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Let's take a look here.


1. Comprehensiveness: The main difference is - one is about premises and the other about visitors - you perhaps got it by now that a premises management system is more comprehensive in terms of its capabilities than a visitor management system.        

Unlike in a PMS, the spatial concept is not part of a VMS.

A PMS manages premises - they include areas around a building or buildings with multiple gates and organisations in multiple locations, corporate parks, apartments or gated communities, school or college campuses - be they one or multiple branches, factory compounds, hospital complexes, etc.

On the other hand, a visitor management system handles, well, only the entry and exit of visitors.

Unlike in a premises management system, the spatial concept is not part of VMS. For example, a premises management system can handle multiple gates and locations including parking management through one centralised system.

2. People, things, and intangibles: A premises management system digitizes the management of everyone and everything -  that goes in and out of the area or building it manages, not leaving out anything that is a part of the premises ecosystem be they people, things, or intangibles - issues.

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A PMS gives the management control over each and every thing or people that is a part of the inflow and outflow of the ecosystem. A visitor management system is, again, only about visitors.

3. Sophistication: A premises management system is more sophisticated than a visitor management system. It is based on the latest technologies such as mobile and cloud technology, serverless computing, internet of things, etc.

A PMS is a highly advanced system that also includes hardware - it seamlessly integrates software and hardware technology such as facial recognition, boom barriers, turnstiles, etc.        

A premises management system is more sophisticated than a visitor management system.

We foresee more and newer technologies such as artificial intelligence being leveraged in the area of premises management.

Most VMSs on the other are a very basic offline system that manages visitor record-keeping. Very few visitor management systems (EntryPoint) available in the market today are developed on cloud and mobile technology.

4. Diverse uses: The use of a premises management system is diverse. It has applicability across a wide range of sectors too - from residential apartments to security or business complexes.

A PMS can handle not only an exceptionally high volume of data -  for example, thousands of visitors per day - but also diversity in the data. It allows the top management of any organisation to keep a tab on every detail in their premises ecosystem - for example, vehicle uses. 

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A VMS on the other hand, allows the management to manage only visitors, thereby, limiting its use across applicability and organisation.


To conclude, we certainly do not mean to say that a VMS is unimportant. Far from it. We've been dealing in this area for a while now and we know enough to say this - organisations must have the flexibility to choose what they need - a VMS or a PMS. We offer both.

In our forthcoming blogs, we're going to be talking more and more about PMS and all the exciting solutions it offers.

Stay tuned.