Explaining Visitor Management System

Does your visitor management system spread news about lost cats?

Here’s a typical scenario in a family of three living in Apartment Z that does not use a visitor management system.

Smart Systems For
Smart Apartments

The missus of Family M is nervous because her aged in-laws are visiting. And she’s not sure if her new domestic help Miss Bo, who she recently hired without proper background checks, has entered the apartment premises yet.

Junior M is sulking because her cat’s disappeared the previous night, and she doesn’t know what to do.

Family M isn’t quite sure whether the elderly couple would be safe home alone. If, for example, they have to go looking for the whimsical cat.

Miss Bo arrives. But Family M cannot leave her alone as they do not trust her yet. Would the apartment guards be able to verify her belongings - whether legitimate or misappropriated - when she exits the gates?

Family M receives anxious calls from the guards at the gate - they have visitors.

Managing visitors is not the only thing that an intelligent Visitor Management System does.

The above setting is a regular, day-to-day experience of apartment residents. In varying forms and degrees of uncertainties.

We realised these on-going issues could be easily dealt with. Using reliable visitor management system and ones that are based on the latest and smart technology - such as cloud and mobile.

We looked at a few scenarios from the apartment administration’s perspective as well.

  • Does the administration (management) know who and what enters and exits the premises? Visitors, cabs, delivery boys.
  • What about tracking the use (or misuse) of clubhouse and facilities of large apartments?

These are safety and security issues that residential apartments and the administration face on a day-to-day basis.

These are also questions you need to ask before investing on a visitor management system. More specifically: how complete is the product?

Managing visitors is not the only thing that an intelligent visitor management software does.

Relaxed Residents, Safe Kids

Now let’s take a look at Family M in Apartment X that uses smart visitor management systems that also take care of, say, helper management or emergency broadcasts.

  • Missus of Family M can view ratings and reviews before employing Miss Bo. She is notified of Miss Bo’s entry into the premises. She is relaxed because the guards can verify her belongings - in seconds.
  • The family needn’t worry when Junior M or the elderly members of the family stay home alone.
  • News about missing cats can be broadcast to the whole apartment and its security staff.
  • Guests now need not go through unnecessary verification checks.

Smart VMS for Smart Apartments  

Advantages of a visitor management system in Real-Time

  • No manual or cumbersome authentication processes of visitors, maids, cooks, helpers, materials, vehicles, assets, etc.
  • Track and monitor entry and exit of cabs and delivery boys or usage of facilities and clubhouses
  • Control unwanted visitors
  • Eliminate all challenges related to PC and on-premise systems

Are these modern-technology based solutions cost-effective?

We can assure you they need not burn a hole in the management's pocket.