Premises Management System

EntryPoint, a product of VersionX, is an Intelligent Premises Management System that manages people, premises, and operations - providing meaningful data for further decision making. It provides real-time reports, alerts, and analytics that help in the reduction of pilferage, frauds, operational overheads, and security risks to ensure safety, security, and better management of premises.

Over time, this helps organisations lower security and maintenance bills, save time spent on data entries, and avail free software upgrades. EntryPoint is a complete premises operations management solution for all businesses in sectors spanning factories, corporate parks, educational institutions, residential apartments, government organisations, etc.

Do you know what an intelligent premises is?

Here’s a quick overview.

What’s the entry process in an intelligent premises like?

Super smooth. Visitor authentication is super quick. It’s a breeze for the guests and no hassles for the security guards as well.

You are in control.

No matter how many visitors your premises handles daily – hundreds or thousands – you can monitor who comes in and goes out at all times.

It recognises various categories of people and things.

Yes, who and what enters and exits the premises and everything and everyone in between.

They’re all trackable.

Everything and everyone is trackable within the premises ecosystem. Authentication and verification takes seconds.

And measurable.

There is no scope for manipulation of information. It’s secure and always ready for use for any decision that affects your business.

It is highly effective in establishing accountability.

There is heightened accountability at all levels due to checks and balances in place.

An intelligent premises eliminates misuse and pilferages of resources as it cuts down people dependency to an extraordinary extent. It manages vendors, material and vehicle movements, resources, duties assigned, incidents, etc. down to the minutest details in a fast and secure manner.

All in real-time.

It is not an incoherent process of manual systems or hardware and software.

In an intelligent premises, software and hardware is well-integrated. Be it the simplest of paper or epass or biometric devices and access control systems, all are seamlessly integrated with the software. It is based on the latest cloud and mobile technologies.

An important point to note is, of course, there is no limit as to how much one can achieve in making a premises intelligent.