IOT Building Management System

VersionX IoT building management system tracks, monitors, & provides analytics related to energy consumption, fire panels, fire hydrants & sprinklers, water pressure & levels. Get alerts & live, automated reports. Building safety & compliance is now at your finger tips!

Top Features of VersionX Building Management System

Energy Usage Data

VersionX building management system monitors energy consumption. E.g., source of power - raw power or generator power.

Fire Alarm Panels

Get meaningful data and notifications on fire panels and alarms. VersionX BMS take fire safety to a new level.

HVAC Monitoring

With VersionX building management, monitor your buildings' air quality & HVAC in a single dashboard.

Alerts & Notifications

Stay updated with alerts and notifications. Be it timely servicing or preventing accidents.

Energy Expense Data

VersionX BMS automatically translates energy usage into expense. View energy expense data.

Fire Pumps

Fire pump - the water pump reserved to fight fire is critical. VersionX BMS automates pump data.

Temperature & Humidity

Our building automation system offers temperature and humidity data and alerts in a dashboard.

Drill Down Reports

VersionX BMS presents data in drill down dashboard & reports - centralized, customizable, easy to use.

Water & Diesel Levels

Automatically checks water & diesel levels. VersionX building management system eliminates manual checks.

Hydrants & Sprinklers

Stay alert. VersionX building management software provides automated checks on hydrants & sprinklers.

Multi-Site Monitoring

VersionX BMS works centrally. Monitor multiple buildings from different sites in a single dashboard.

Analytics & Usage History

VersionX BMS provides detailed, meaningful reports & history. Makes building and fire safety compliance a cakewalk.

Why VersionX IOT Building Management System?

High-Level Safety

VersionX building management system eliminates safety issues of your buildings and establishments. Nothing is left to manual interventions.

Reduced Risks

With VersionX building management system, you lower all types of risks associated with the failure of safety systems of your establishment.

Easy Compliance

Building & fire safety compliance never got this easy. VersionX BMS provides meaningful building safety-related reports and analytics.

Remote Management

VersionX building management system is ideal for all types of multi-site establishments. Real-time management of multiple sites via a central dashboard.

Energy Efficiency

Who doesn't want to be energy efficient and lower overheads? VersionX Building Automation System automates efficient use of energy.

Stay Alert & Updated

What is a BMS without alerts and notifications? These are critical whenever a team needs to take timely and appropriate action with regard to safety issues.

How VersionX IOT Building Automation System Works?

how building management system works

VersionX BMS - The System

Quick Setup

Our BMS is easy to install. A simple, quick setup process that takes less than a couple of hours.

Easy to Use

VersionX Building Management System is IoT based with a simple, intuitive drill down dashboard.


VersionX building management system is economical considering the goals it can achieve.

IoT Based

VersionX BMS is IoT based. Data from sensors is pushed to cloud and presented via web and mobile. 


Our BMS features and functionalities can be quickly and easily added or tailored to specific needs.

Secure Data

All information is digitally maintained and continuously backed up. We assure complete data security and guarantee.


What is a building management system?

A building management system (BMS) - also known as building automation system - is an IoT solution that automates your buildings' energy management; fire, water, HVAC; and security systems. It mainly digitizes and automates all processes related to these systems.

What is the purpose of building management system?

The goal of building management is to achieve highest levels of:

  • Safety & security
  • Energy efficiency
  • Compliance

It can only be achieved via automation.

How many types of Building Management Systems are there?

There are different types of BMSs with varying capabilities, from traditional to modern.

The latest building management systems are based on IoT technologies. These systems can achieve a high level of automation.  

What is different about VersionX building management system?

VersionX's IoT-based building management system can achieve a high level of automation. 

In the BMS space, VersionX offers a highly economical system compared to the functionalities provided and the goals it can achieve. 

Can we see how VersionX building management system works?

Yes, we can show how VersionX building management system works.

We can also guide you on the features and functionalities you should opt for based on your goals and requirements.

Who uses VersionX building management system?

Major companies and warehouses use our BMS.

Check out our client list in our website. 

In which locations do you have presence?

We operate pan India and have clients in major states and cities like Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, etc.

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