Fire safety compliance

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Stay Prepared - It's All About the Process

Fire safety compliance failures are common and have serious repercussions. That’s why all organizations need to have a fire safety compliance program designed to prevent and mitigate risks before they even occur.

We are a technology company and we use innovative technology to simplify complex processes faced by businesses and organizations of all types. 

In this blog, you will learn how, as an organization, you can ensure fire safety compliance through technology-based process improvements. We help organizations stay prepared for 100% evacuation.

Yes, you read it right. 100%. 

Why Process Matters?

Read on to know more about how you can achieve a high level of fire safety compliance through process-based changes enabled by our unique system. 

Compliance Issues Are Process Issues

In general, most corporate compliance issues are actually process-related challenges of some type or the other. Improve a process and you have ensured better compliance. And thereby, lowered risks of several types. 

Take a simple example of an internal compliance. Hand your security guard a visitor management app that he can use on his smartphone. The system enables him to capture all visitor information including visitor pictures in seconds. The authorities, such as security heads, get to view the information in real-time.

The process ensures that no more visitor data manipulation can take place. Several risks have reduced drastically with this simple change and improvement in the visitor process. 

Now imagine the same process where the security guard or the receptionist uses paper registers - clearly a case of weak internal compliance and, therefore, higher risks through visitor data manipulation. 

Now, let us jump straight into a more specific type of compliance - fire safety. 

Compliance Means Being Prepared for Risks

Fire safety is a major issue for all organizations, small to large. It is a workplace health and safety issue. 

Most organizations must be compliant with fire safety rules and regulations, both external as well as internal. 

Different fire safety compliance programs may include different strategies to mitigate and manage the risks involved. 

What we offer is an organizational preparedness for 100% evacuation. By adopting this process improvement, organizations reach a high level of fire safety compliance.

What the System Does?

We’re talking about a system that automates the entire evacuation process during a fire outbreak.

Real-Time Data Visibility & Usability

The system ensures the complete real-time visibility and usability of the data of the people who have been evacuated and who are still inside the premises. 

  • Data visibility: Number of people - who are inside and outside - can be viewed in real-time.
  • Data usability: Take prompt action based on the data. 

Automatic Call Prompts

In this process, the system automatically prompts every person who is inside the premises to take the right action. The system does not miss anyone and is, therefore, foolproof.

Ensures Proactiveness

The system also ensures the proactive involvement of each and every person. Anyone who is left behind in the premises is prompted to take action via an automatic call on their phone. 

Pre-Configured Calls

The call prompts the people to respond to the emergency and take the right course of action. For example, the system can be configured to make calls that prompt the person to evacuate or seek help in real-time.

Quick ERT Response Time

The emergency response team can view the complete data of the people in real-time - who is inside and who is outside the premises.

This enables the ERT to take prompt and the right course of action with respect to the people stuck inside the premises.

Instant, Useful Data

The security heads and other designated authorities can view the data and take the required action - in real-time or after the emergency has subsided.   

Completely Automated

From the moment the fire alarm is triggered until the last person is evacuated, the entire process is automated. No manual intervention is required. Even the prompts that each person receives on their phones are auto-generated.

It's Technology Based

Fire evacuation is not a smooth flow of people but a chaotic rush of hundreds and even thousands of people exiting the work premises, a factory, or any building. 

Our solution is built around a system that identifies each and every person, their movements, and is highly effective during exactly such a chaotic fire evacuation process.

The system captures the data of the person as he or she moves out of the premises.

The entire process is based on a combination of software and hardware — innovative technological solutions that we have built. It can be easily integrated to any existing process and systems that your organization might have. 

Our system will take fire safety compliance of your organization to a new level of preparedness and effectiveness as it ensures that not a single person is left behind and every life is accounted for.

You can reach out to us here to plan for a demo and pilot.