VersionX digitizes labourer, material, & vehicle management for manufacturing plant facility management with digital trails on demand.


Visitors, staff, labourers, vendors, contract staff


Management of materials, vehicles, assets, water tankers, parking


Digital records, trails, and history on demand


Administrative delays, errors created by manual & semi-automated efforts

Why VersionX Facility Management?

Easy & Customizable

Can be customised and does not require any special training before use.

Increase Accountability

Stakeholders are made more accountable as the system cannot be tampered with.

No Clunky Hardware

The system requires minimal hardware. That means no more recurring maintenance costs.

Live Trends & Reports

Access all people, premises, and operations related data in a usable format.

Rane NSK

Our cumbersome processes have now become so much simpler. We now have a simple, seamless gate pass system. Saves quite a lot of headache of our security people. Plus, easy monitoring of vehicle movement and billing process is a time saver for the admin dept.

Synthesis Textiles

Synthesis has been able to get quite a bit of paper and verification processes digitized, which has helped us gain reputation in our industry as the forerunner in technology adoption. Highly recommend VersionX products.

VersionX Products for Manufacturing Plants

A visitor management system for factories to digitize visitor monitoring processes.

Helper & Staff Management System
Laborer Management

Staff, vendor, & laborer management made easy. Record & access all details.

Material Tracking & Monitoring System
Material Management

Get rid of register books. Track in, out, inter & intra branch material transfers.

Water Tanker & Material Management System
Vehicle Management

Digitize the management of vehicle vendors, drivers, kilometers, with ready access to all details.

Smart Parking Management System
Access Control System

Manage access to factory premises with digitized & integrated access control system.

Water tanker monitoring & tracking
Water Tanker Monitoring

Record & track all details of water tanker vendor services. Eliminate registers books.

Courier Management System
Courier Management

Record & update courier status such as received, delivered, collected, or destroyed.

Asset Auditing & Tracking Management System
Asset Auditing & Maintenance

Digitize the auditing & maintenance of thousands of assets, with details on demand.

Incident & ticketing management system
Incidents & Ticketing

Quickly raise and resolve tickets, with live ticket status updates.

A security guard tour system that assigns & monitors duties, with real-time updates

A smart parking system that manages multi-tenant, multi-level parking.

Hostel Management System - Track the entry & Exit Of Hostel Residents
Hostel Resident Management

Monitor laborer hostel residents’ entry & exit in real-time. Track delinquents.

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