VXMax Access Controllers offer all the benefits of a traditional access control system plus more.

Built to integrate directly with the VersionX suite of software solutions, our IoT controllers are designed to be installer-friendly. They quickly adapt to other existing IT infrastructure. Easy to operate and maintain, our controllers enable users to securely manage their systems from anywhere, with or without internet connection.


VersionX boom barriers are smart booms that easily integrate with any access control system.

They are part of the smart access solutions we offer - well-suited for high security and high-volume traffic scenarios. Our booms give a high bi-directional throughput. They come with a variety of functions to meet any operational requirement with maximum safety and effectiveness.



Turnstiles - also called a turnpike or an automated gate - are used in one-way traffic scenarios where only one person is required to pass at a time. When integrated with our access system, turnstiles turn into smart access solutions useful for offices, factories, airports, and so on.

Smart, integrated turnstiles help automatically restrict entries, get attendance data, analytics, payments made, and such necessary information.

Speed Gate / Flap Barrier

VersionX SpeedStile offers high aesthetics, maximum reliability, and uncompromised security. It allows authorized individuals to pass through quickly and unhindered. Access control devices can be easily integrated with our speed gate, also called flap barriers, to provide discreet security.

You can grant entry and access using QR Codes, RFID cards, or biometric readers. Not the least - a unique first-in-class feature - a personal mobile phone.

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10-50% of business operations run on Excel or manual log books.

We will get your business operations completely automated, whether it's just 10 or 10 million people.