School Management System for Security & Efficiency

In this blog, we’re going to talk about some of the smart technology solutions that schools can implement to manage their operations while ensuring the safety and security of school children. Some of the solutions allow school administration to operate freely and efficiently on a daily basis without the burden of child safety and security hanging over their head like the sword of Damocles.

The solutions include, besides school operations management, parent and visitor management system, student monitoring and tracking system, child security solutions, school bus trackers, and many more.

These smart solutions are robust, user-friendly, and help  schools achieve critical security goals.

Safety & Security of A Very Young Child

When Visitors Make An Entry

Hundreds of visitors - staff, workers, guards, unknown people, materials, etc. - enter and exit school premises. Authenticating each entry and exit manually is a huge task - beyond what the school administration can realistically cope with. And yet, lack of visitor authentication is same as risking the safety and security of children and the school campus.

Technology is key. Visitor authentication is a critical and an urgent need for both school administration and parents. Schools require a robust and a digital visitor management system that can authenticate visitors in seconds.

Visitor Management System for School

A Digital Visitor Management System

It should be able to emilinate the challenges posed by manual methods of verifications. For example, it should be:

  • Tamperproof and errorproof - unlike in manual verification
  • Quick - authenticate, monitor, track, and capture data in seconds
  • Cost-effective - less than or equal to the cost of guards stationed for the same job
  • User-friendly - school administration and parents should be able to use them easily
Staff tracker for schools

Monitor All School Employees

Staff tracker is a simple solution that helps manage school teachers, contract staff, laborers, vendors, etc. in multiple branches and locations.

Their entry and exit into school campuses can be easily monitored from a single dashboard.

Their details such as profile data, time log, attendance, permissions and approvals, are available at a single system. You can also track their entry and exit history.

School Bus Tracking

School Bus Tracker With Live Updates

Using a school bus tracker solution, the school administration can monitor the school buses. And parents receive alerts on their child's pickup and drop. There is a complete digital record of the child's bus attendance.

For example, these real-time actions can be taken:

  • Track the movement of vehicles and their position in real-time
  • Raise concerns in case of over-speeding
  • Send panic alerts if anyone feels insecure or concerned
  • Watch vehicle movements and stops
Child Monitoring & Security System for Schools

Secure A Very Young Child

Tiny tots attending prep and play schools and children up to around five year olds need to be handled only by either parents, teachers, or known and authorised relations. This solution helps parents be in control of who’s handling the child at all times, while eliminating cumbersome paper-based processes. It relieves the school administration from being held responsible for the pickup of a child.

The best part is that it’s hassle free, user-friendly, and tamper-proof.

Visitor Management System for School

Verify Someone Loitering in the Campus

Digital cloud solutions can provide instant verification of any person present in the school campuses. They can verify even objects such as assets.

These solutions help establish identity and credibility and weed out suspicion in seconds.

In this way, ill-intentioned people get a clear signal that they cannot carry out any unlawful activity in the school campus.

Child Monitoring System at School

Student Tracking System

Schools are large campuses that host thousands of children. A child's location needs to be tracked from time to time.

Digital cloud-based student tracking systems can provide the "last seen" location of a child in school campuses from a single system accessible to the school administration.

These solutions are helpful in tracking a child's location in the campus, and are quite handy in cases of emergencies.


Manage Hostel Residents - Monitor their entry & exits

Managing Hostel Residents Is Now Easy

On many occasions, hostel residents do not comply with rules and regulations, mainly because it is not always easy to track their in and out movements.

Parents, guardians, and hostel authorities end up blaming one another whenever such incidents occur. But if a proper system is in place to check irregularities, such aberrant behaviour can be prevented to a large extent.

Hostel management solution helps authorities track the entry and exit of hostel residents and send notifications to parents and management in cases of irregularities. Authorities can take appropriate actions when required.


We've discussed about a few of the practical challenges that schools can resolve right away by implementing technologically advanced applications without heavy monetary investments.

Cloud solutions are easy to install. You can pilot them right away. Also, since these products are based on a pay-as-you go model and simple pricing, they are not very risky investments in terms of cost and effort.

Many solutions are available in the market today for schools that want to ensure the digitization of the management and security of their students and campuses. Just make sure the solution meets your needs, and get it piloted before signing on the dotted line.

Smart Technology for Schools