Child Safety And Security

An Ideal Need Not Be Impossible

Educational institutions ought to be safe spaces. This is a given.

It is the collective responsibility of the management and the parents to offer kids and students of all ages a safe and secure environment where they can unleash their full potential.

Ideal situation - Yes.

Impossible - No.

We are aware of the humongous uphill task that the management, and parents, face in ensuring students’ safety and security.

Child Safety And Security

A Few Difficult Questions

Questions that can easily bog the management of school and college authorities and parents are:

  • How do you control thousands of people and materials, visitors and vehicles, entering and exiting school campuses?
  • How do you track each one of them? Or trace data in cases of emergency.
  • What about child security, student monitoring, and school bus tracker?
  • As the management of a school,  are you able to manage parents efficiently?
  • As parents, are you relaxed in the knowledge that your child is in the right bus or the correct route? Would you like to be notified and take action when the bus over-speeds?

These are serious issues. Challenges that ought to be dealt with urgently and eliminated.

The good news is there are user-friendly, tamper-proof solutions at costs and with benefits that are worth investing.

Modern technologies have made the development and easy deployment of such solutions possible.

These security solutions are cloud & mobile based and are reliable, user-friendly, and manipulation-proof. And cost-effective to boot.

We aren’t talking only about visitor management systems here. There are a gamut of complete solutions that cater to the unique safety and security needs of large premises like schools and colleges. For example, child & student monitoring, school bus tracker, child security solutions, attendance tracker, staff & visitor authentication.

The onus is on the management and the parents.


Here are just a few of the day-to-day security challenges at schools and colleges and the solutions that easily help resolve them using modern technological innovations.

Visitors, Parents, Students, Staff Management

  • No more wait times at entry and exit points
  • Authenticate visitors in seconds
  • Control entry and exit of unwanted visitors, alert gates in cases of emergency
  • Efficient staff management
  • Staff time log and attendance tracker
  • No more proxy issues of students, staff, parents

Entry & Exit of Materials 

  • Monitor and track the details and all entry and exit of water tanker, duties assigned, incidents, assets, courier deliveries, etc.
  • Prevent malpractices and pilferage.
  • Increase accountability of all stakeholders

Some Unique Challenges & Solutions

  • Manage entry and exit of hostel residents
  • Track a child's location at the school
  • Keep school bus speed limit under check with instant actionable features

Parents, Relax

A complete premises management solution is the need of the day. One that ensures a safe space for students. To turn into reality what otherwise seem like an ideal.

A solution that’s super smart, user friendly, and reliable can do it for you.