VersionX solutions help hospitals digitize their people & premises operations, eliminate manual processes & clunky hardware


Visitors, staff, medical representatives, patient attendees, laborers


Management of materials, vehicles, assets, water tankers, parking


Digital records, trails, and history on demand


Administrative delays, manual and semi-automated system errors

Why Digitize Hospital Operations?

Easy & Customizable

Can be customised and does not require any special training before use.

Increase Accountability

Stakeholders are made more accountable as the system cannot be tampered with.

No Clunky Hardware

The system requires minimal hardware. That means no more recurring maintenance costs.

Live Trends & Reports

Access all people, premises, and operations related data in a usable format.

VersionX Solutions for Hospital Operations

An advanced visitor management system for visitors across multiple branches & locations.

Helper & Staff Management System
Labourer & Staff Tracker

Capture & view staff, vendor, & laborer details with our staff tracker

A seamless token management system for multi-counter customer facing facilities.

Material Tracking & Monitoring System
Material & Vehicle Management

A material & vehicle tracking system to record & monitor their details in real-time.

Water tanker monitoring & tracking
Water Tanker, Vehicle & Courier

Record & retrieve all details of water tankers, vehicles, & couriers. Eliminate registers books.

A guard tour system that assigns & monitors duties, with real-time updates

Asset Auditing & Tracking Management System
Asset Auditing & Maintenance

Digitize the auditing & maintenance of thousands of assets, with ready access to all details.

Incident & ticketing management system
Incidents & Ticketing

Quickly raise and resolve tickets, with live ticket status updates.

A smart parking system that manages multi-tenant, multi-level parking

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