material gate pass management system

Today, nearly every action of a person is recorded in a digital format in one way or the other. It helps businesses analyze a person’s needs and create products to serve them better.

Managing visitor data and gaining useful insights regarding visitors and security is a basic and essential operational requirement of any business. 

Recording visitor data is not new to businesses in India. Most businesses collect details of people who visit their premises. Mainly in paper registers! At best, it provides a broad idea about how many and what category of visitors they had.

The biggest challenge with physical data is that it's tough, nearly impossible, to retrieve.

Therefore, the entire process of collecting visitor data via physical methods and the data itself is rendered unhelpful, and useless at worst.

A visitor management system resolves this challenge, completely.  

In this blog, we discuss how a visitor management system can help Indian businesses. By not only quickly recording visitor data but also making the data useful.

Why Indian Business Should Opt for A Digital Visitor Management System?


Higher Security

As a business, it is highly recommended that you record the details of people who move in, out, and around the company premises, be they visitors, vendors, staff, etc.

When you have a visitor management system in place, the entire process is automated. The data can be managed remotely.

The ease of people moving around with a sense of safety also increases.

For the business, visitor data can be recorded, verified. and tracked within minutes. This decreases the chances of security failure.


A Seamless Visitor Experience

For businesses, most visitors are potential clients. A visitor management system offers visitors a seamless experience. Their entry and exit is uninterrupted when they visit your office.

You can give visitors access to selective areas in your premises, while restricting access for those who don't need to access it. This takes care of the two goals of improved customer experience and security.

Using a digitized visitor management system, you can predetermine the kind of access your visitors of different categories need. This data can be stored in a visitor badge. For example, in a hospital, patient visitors can be given access cards with access to only those areas where they need to go. When they arrive at your security or reception area, the same can be handed over to them. This offers a sense of belonging to the visitor.

In the same way, you can provide your visitors a personalized itinerary and locations that they could visit on arrival. That too, without any interruption to his or her movement from one point to another inside the premises!


A Visitor Map

A visitor management system can also map the entire visitor life cycle. This means everyone knows what to do when a visitor arrives at the security gate or the reception.

The chances of human error decreases.

Since the complete visitor journey is mapped, the movement of the visitor can be tracked and retrieved. The areas that a visitor visits frequently can be stored in the visitor system. This also provides the visitor a feeling of ease and safety. 


Go Green

Paperless is the way forward! For a greener and healthier planet.

A visitor management system is a small but significant step towards a paper-free organization.

You can choose any of the following VMS processes to go paperless: 

  • A web application that can remotely manage your clients from anywhere in the world
  • An offline app that can be installed in one or more systems that can be used to manage the visitors
  • A mobile visitor app that could help you manage visitors easily through a smartphone
  • A web-based application that can seamlessly run without the need of installing an app 


Data Is the New Oil

A visitor management system can analyze your visitors. It offer useful data-based insights and helps you better understand your clients, staff, and anyone who engages with your business.

Depending on your nature of business and activities, you can track and analyze multiple things.

Here are a few popular Indian businesses/organizations and the type of data that they can record using a visitor management system:

  • Business parks and commercial premises:
    • Track people and the movement of their vehicles
    • Know the timings of key people entering and exiting the premises
    • Analyze trends as per data stored for further decision making 
  • Hospitals:
    • The visits of each patient can be recorded easily. This can be later used to link their disease and the number of times they visited. 
    • Emergencies can be recorded and notified accordingly to the concerned people as soon as the visitor enters the hospital. 
    • Differentiate between OPD, visitors, and in-patients through the visitor management system. 
  • Schools:
    • Data of in and out the time of students and parents
    • Record and allow students to go with people authorized by parents when they can not come for picking them up
    • All teaching and non-teaching staff movement records
  • Apartments:
    • Log visitors to different apartments
    • Log food delivery people
    • Keep track of the materials that moved in and out of the complexes


The demand for visitor management system in India is growing!

We're not sure of the exact rate but of this we're quite confident - pen and paper entries are soon going to be a thing of the past, for large and small businesses, and everything in between.

If you want to see how a VMS would benefit you, or if you want to update to an advanced one, get in tough with us for a pilot.