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We hope not.

With latest technological innovations, a visitor management system should be able to do some pretty cool stunts. For example, generate instant visitor gate pass or have an in-built attendance manager. 

However, many business premises in India do not use visitor management systems. And even if they do, they involve PCs and on-premise systems along with paper registers. Even large premises such as business parks, hotels, commercial complexes do not do the necessary research before investing in a VMS that would suit their unique requirements. Not to mention residential apartments.

Let’s go through a quick checklist of how an advanced visitor management software should behave. Starting with the most critical.


1. Do you still use PCs and on-premise systems?

Chuck them. It's time to invest in the new-age visitor registration and management systems that are lightweight. Also on your pockets.

Make sure you switch to hand held devices.

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2. What about visitor gate passes or badges?

You shouldn’t be having to use them. At all.

3. Is a good visitor management software customizable?

Highly. Not just across companies. But sectors.

4. A smart VMS also authenticates and monitors people, and things. Pretty quick. Does your visitor management software fare equally well?

Seconds. That's the time you should take to fully authenticate a visitor entry - about 10 seconds. And repeat entries - less than 2 seconds.

We’re not kidding.

5. Does your VMS give you real-time access to what’s going on at your premises?

No? You’ll not be able to keep your fingers off the ones that do.

An intelligent VMS will help you access real-time information across multiple gates and locations.

6. What about ease of use? How long should a new guard or receptionist take to learn how to use it?

Just about 10 minutes on an average. That’s one reason we call them intelligent.

7. Does your visitor management software also help you manage your premises? Is it integrated with access control?

An intelligent VMS not only handles thousands of visitors. It manages materials or, say, vehicles and is well integrated with access control such as boom barriers, turnstile, flap barriers.

It's a complete solution.   

8. What happens to the massive data generated at the entry and exit points?

The smart systems keep the data secure and present them to you in a usable format for informed decision-making and security strategies. Whenever you need to.

9. What about pricing?

It's gotta be pay as you go.



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