You're in Good Company

Constant innovation and relentless improvement drives us. Therefore, we call ourselves "VersionX Innovations." It's all about being modern and innovative. Being a better version of ourselves each day.

A technology company, we change the way businesses operate.

Businesses not attuned to emerging technologies become obsolete. We remain abreast of technological developments. We help businesses adopt the modern.

Planet Scale

Building apps that run on cloud and mobile

We build apps that run on mobile and cloud at planet scale. Meaning, we build apps that only cater to infinite users and data.

A lot goes into building systems that run on planet scale. It's a mix of cloud computing, edge computing, serverless computing, and mobile technologies.

Serverless shifts your business IT infrastructure and manpower requirements to the service provider. No more hassles of maintaining any infrastructure either on-premise or cloud.

With mobile devices getting more powerful by the day, we need to use their full capability to build modern, sophisticated systems.

Edge computing plays an important role in building scalable apps.

Processing increasing amount of data on the edge / device or close to the source enables us to take faster decisions. And also reduce load on the server.

We're in a cloud era

Going serverless saves time, eliminates hassles related to hardware and keeping software and security patches updated.

However, there is no "one shoe fits all" solution. We go by what works best in a certain situation.

The right partner

Like many businesses, are you also facing challenges building apps for scale? We understand your needs.

We also believe that you're great at what you do.

Behind every successful business story is "the right partner." We work hard to ensure your work is backed by sound technology.

We never start from a "sell" perspective. Nor do we shy away from pushing the right advice and consultation.

We discuss for hours. We make sure that your business is up and running, always.


An interesting time for businesses in technology adoption

Technology is eradicating the boundaries between large and small businesses, specifically, in terms of their ability to spend money.

Modern technologies empower businesses to focus on their core work. They help stay away from complicated on-premise IT infrastructure that requires special skills.  We help businesses go lean on in-house technology bills.

We talk to businesses and educate them on the benefits of Progressive Web App over a conventional app. We believe that in today's time, if it's not PWA, it's a waste of time and money.

We not only advise on how much sense this makes for businesses but also showcase live apps.

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is the next step in making pages load faster and giving users an uber fast experience.

We build AMP that loads a page under a second.

Internet of Things (IoT) is not a buzzword. But a necessity. Almost all businesses will have IoT-enabled devices to bring in unparalleled control.

With cloud becoming increasingly affordable, at a rapid pace, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are becoming mainstream.

We extensively use modern technologies like Neural Networks, Tensor FlowNatural Language Processing (NLP), Vision Recognition, Speech Recognition, Chatbots. And many more. We even adapt and recommend beta stuff.

We help businesses take their next big leap

We're good at it.

And we care about what you're good at.

If businesses do not stay abreast of what's emerging, they become obsolete sooner than they realise.

We ensure the modern never fades into obsolescence.