We observe. Listen.
Ask. Listen some more. Build & deliver. Ask again. Listen.



We listen. We talk.


We observe. We feel. We ask. We're on a pain point hunt.

Clients Talk

We talk to our clients to understand specific requirements. Pain points.


We talk. To everyone. Right from the top management to the last employee to the unknown visitor. And everyone in between.

Team Talk

We talk to our team and client team.  Consider suggestions and opinions.


We build. We listen.


We build. We discuss. We brainstorm.

Pain Point Resolution

We brainstorm like nobody's business. Gain more insights. We leave no stones unturned to make sure all pain points are covered. 

Draft Solutions

We sketch the solution. Now we have a prototype of what we're going to build. We close loopholes.

Building It

We build a POC. Or a working app. We use it to see our thoughts in action.


We ensure usage & stability.


We implement. We deliver. We do whatever it takes.

We're on the front lines

We test at all levels. We handhold clients to ensure all features and functionalities are put to use and clearly understood.

Train and implement

After ironing out all testing feedback, we make the required changes. We train the team and implement.

Usage and stability

We deploy. And deliver. We look out for possible new issues if any, making the implementation process smooth for our client. We ensure systems are put to use and everything is stabilised.


We stay in touch. Keep getting better.


A better version everyday.

Listening and improving. Towards VersionX.

We listen and improve. Because every process and system can and should get better.

We proceed towards VersionX

Let's help you!

10-50% of business operations run on Excel or manual log books.

We will get your business operations completely automated, whether it's just 10 or 10 million people.